The courses in the Wisdom Writing Series are taught by guest experts and authors in a variety of genres.

Spirit Writing 

The Writing Course That Gives Voice to Your Soul


Writing can be a powerful pathway to Spirit. Engaging a few easy techniques unlocks the door to greater creativity, guidance, intuition, and even connection to our loved ones on the other side of the threshold.

Spirit Writing is a 6-week, 6-module course, brimming with exercises, guided meditations, book excerpts, and words of wisdom from a variety of guests, including author Maggie Spaulding, Michael Sandler of InspireNation podcast, Bob Olson of Afterlife TV, and bestselling author Janet Conner.

Cynna Seagrove and Lisa Smartt facilitate 6 weekly Zoom sessions filled with group activities, discussion, and Q & A. 

Learn to tap your muse and even the ancestors for a fuller, more expressive life.

Lisa Smartt's guest teacher Cynna Seagrove

Guest Facilitator: Cynna Seagrove

Cynna is a hypnotherapist, author and counselor whose work is deeply informed by a spiritual perspective and her gifts as a writer.

These remarkable guests share their insights and expertise...

so that you can better connect to Spirit through writing.

They offer you tools, insights, and inspiration that will enhance creativity, guidance, and intuition... and even your connection to your loved ones beyond the veil.

Lisa Smartt's guest teacher Cynna Seagrove

Life After Life's Lisa Smartt

Lisa has had several experiences in which she felt guided during writing. Her book Cante Bardo was dictated to her in the narrative voice of a 19th Century Flamenco singer who revealed a world of magic and mystery.  Her book Veil was inspired by her father's voice as he asked her to write poems for the wife he left behind after 54 years. 

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