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Smartt Book Coaching


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• Ready to move to the next level in your style, professionalism, and overall writing quality?

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Signature Life After Life group writing classes led by best-selling authors Lisa Smartt and Paul Perry.

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Group writing classes led by esteemed guest experts in a variety of genres.

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What People Are Saying

Kenneth Ring Book Coaching Testimonial

Dr. Kenneth Ring

Author, Lessons from the Light 

 I’ve used Lisa Smartt as an editor as well as to promote my latest book, and she did a super job on both fronts.

She’s resourceful, quick-witted and an absolute pleasure to work with.

In short, she’s the tops and I recommend her without reservation.

I have also read three of Lisa’s books and can attest that she is a gifted writer as well.

You can’t go wrong with her!

Karen Sands Book Coaching Testimonial

Karen Sands, MCC

 Author, The Ageless Way

Lisa is my writing midwife, champion, and soul reader and now, friend. She has worked with me through the writing of eleven books, and has been at my side as my work and my writing has become increasingly well-known—including being featured this year in Forbes Magazine.

Both her patience and astute knowing of when I need cajoling, a swift kick or her warm reassuring praise, make the process of writing my life's work, an experience I relish and cherish. Lisa is able to ride my undulating multi-dimensional creative process with me while keeping us focused and on target to birth my work into the world.

Lisa is a 'find' who encourages me to shine.

Satya Lila Book Coaching Testimonial

Dr. Raymond Moody

Author, Life After Life

I thought it might be beneficial to others to offer a reading service from someone I turn to when I want inspiration and feedback: Lisa Smartt, MA.

Lisa has offered me support and feedback on several writing projects.

She shepherded me through the writing and publication of Making Sense of Nonsense and God Is Bigger than The Bible, offering both excellent editorial and moral support.

Even the best and most dedicated of authors can benefit from a coach such as Lisa who is intelligent, caring, disciplined and enthusiastic.

She is a great friend and guide.

Rev. Grace Alder Book Coaching Testimonial

Reverend  Elizabeth Alder

Author, Mary Speaks

 If you are interested in writing a top-notch book, Lisa Smartt should be in your corner. Lisa brought the energy of joy and vitality into my writing life when I needed it the most.

As an author of five books herself, she had the knowledge to steer me in all the right directions from beginning to end.

Lisa was patient, steady and kind throughout the process, making this new writer feel comfortable and confident in the complex world of book publishing.

In all honesty, count yourself a lucky writer if Lisa Smartt is on your team!

Two Paths To Publishing

Your Book 

 This free PDF outlines the steps involved for traditional and self-publishing with plenty of examples to guide you. 

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 A Few Client Titles

No writer does it alone. 

My wish is to bring you the same quality support that has helped me succeed. I am honored to be partnering with New York Times bestselling author Paul Perry and writer and book designer Katherine Cerulean to bring you the best.

Ten years ago, I became curious about final words after observing unusual changes in my father’s end-of-life language. What I witnessed filled me with wonder. I felt at the edge of discovery, like an explorer with my pen poised at the borders of new frontiers. 

As I began researching the topic, I discovered no one else had written about final words through the lens of linguistics. I met my beloved mentor and research partner Raymond Moody, began gathering data, proposed my book idea to New World Library, and delighted in seeing Words at the Threshold become an Amazon bestseller published in countries around the world.

My book was featured in The Atlantic, and I was recently interviewed by Arun Rath of NPR's All Things Considered. Most importantly, I have heard from hundreds of people that my research brought comfort and insight to them. I even received an email of appreciation from Richard Bach, bestselling author of Johnathan Livingston Seagull, after his son read my book to him as he was seriously ill, contemplating his own death.

Recently, I self-published Veil and Cante Bardo and have offered editorial guidance to many, including Raymond Moody. I bring the practical know-how of a published author and 30 years teaching experience as an English professor and book coach.

 Now it's your turn.

How can we bring your book to life?

Lisa Smartt


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Team Of Support

Lisa Smartt


Lisa’s love for language and the creative process led to her earning an MA in creative writing and an MA in educational psychology. She has written seven books including the bestselling Words at the Threshold, Veil, Cante Bardo, Diet for a Broken Heart, and Lessons in Lullabies.

For 30 years she has been an author, English professor and adult educator.

Paul Perry


Paul Perry is the co-author of several New York Times bestsellers, including Evidence of the Afterlife, Closer to the Light, Transformed by the Light, and Saved by the Light which was made into a popular movie by Fox.

His books have been published in more than 30 languages around the world.

Katherine Cerulean


Katherine has spent nearly a decade aiding authors in turning finished manuscripts into professionally designed books.

Katherine founded and was president of the Athens Writers Association, which had 200 hundred members and over 400 Meetup events.