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Dr. Raymond Moody, Near Death Experiences

Raymond Moody, MD

Raymond Moody, MD PhD, is a bestselling author of twelve books, including Life after Life, which has sold millions of copies worldwide.


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Lisa Smartt, MA Book Coach

Lisa Smartt, MA

Lisa Smartt, MA is a linguist, educator, and best-selling author of Words at the Threshold. Her work is featured in media globally.


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Paul Perry, After Death Experiences

Paul Perry

Paul Perry is the co-author of several New York Times bestsellers, including Evidence of the Afterlife and Saved by the Light. 


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David Towns

David is a co-owner/moderator
of LifeafterLife and is dedicated to continuing the work of Dr. Raymond Moody. He is also the co-author of The Message of the Rose.


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Paul Perry, After Death Experiences

Adam Fulford

Adam Fulford is a co-owner/moderator of LifeafterLife who also shares in the goal of carrying on the work of Dr. Raymond Moody. His memoir is The Message of the Rose.


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Life After Life About Raymond Moody, Lisa Smartt
Dr. Raymond Moody

Raymond Moody, MD PhD

In 1975, I coined the term near death experience in my book Life After Life. For half a century, I have researched some of life’s greatest mysteries. As both a PhD in philosophy and an MD, I have had a strong interest in how medical realities intersect with the ineffable realm of philosophy. In my multiple roles as author, professor, public speaker and grief counselor, I have heard thousands of accounts of near death, shared death and after death experiences. I never expected that my interest in the afterlife would become such a focus of my life’s work, but it has led me to great associations, friendships and insights.

Throughout my five-decade career, I have explored themes related to the trans-personal aspects of death, dying and grief. In my book Glimpses of Eternity, I discuss the phenomena of shared death experiences. I write about my inquiry into past lives in my book Coming Back and share methods for evoking the dead, from Ancient Greece to modern times, in my book Reunions.

I also have a passion for language, which I share with my colleague and co-founder of the Life After Life Institute, Lisa Smartt. My PhD in philosophy focused on unintelligibility and my new book Making Sense of Nonsense (Llewellyn 2020) discusses what nonsense teaches us about consciousness and altered states of being.

For years, I have imagined a forum in which leading-edge researchers and thinkers could share their most up-to-date investigations into near death phenomena while also drawing upon the wisdom of the ancients whose practices and customs clearly recognized a life beyond this one. With the help of my friends and colleagues, I will share with each of you all we have discovered at the most fascinating frontiers of life and death.

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Lisa Smartt, author and book coach

Lisa Smartt, MA

I had the distinct honor and pleasure of meeting Dr. Raymond Moody when I took a seminar from him in 2012 shortly after the death of my father. I had many questions as I was not only a grieving daughter but also a curious linguist who was struck by the changes in my father’s language as he was dying. As I noticed my father’s utterances shifting increasingly towards metaphor and certain kinds of nonsense, I had dozens of questions about the fascinating changes I saw–and Raymond shared in my curiosity and wonder.

This inquiry led to a six-year odyssey studying final words and establishing The Final Words Project with Raymond in 2014. In 2017, my book Words at the Threshold was published by New World Library with the early findings of our informal research.

As an English professor and adult literacy specialist, most of my career was focused on teaching adults the joys of the written word. More recently, the study of language and consciousness has captivated me. I recently published Cante Bardo, a novel about a flamenco singer caught between the worlds as he makes peace with the past before returning to Earth and Veil, a book of poems “inspired” by my father from across the threshold.

Language and consciousness research continue to guide my work through Life After Life Institute as does my love for learning and teaching. I look forward to sharing findings of my research from The Final Words Project with Life After Life Institute participants and offering writing coaching so that others can express their deepest wonders in words.

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Paul Perry, After Death Experiences

Paul Perry

New York Times bestselling author Paul Perry is a knight in Portugal’s Order of Saint Michael of the Wing, the oldest order of knighthood on the Iberian Peninsula. He started his own production company in 2005 with the goal of making innovative documentary films that matter.

His films have aired internationally and include such topics as near death experiences, visions and miracles, the childhood of Jesus in Egypt, a History Channel presentation on the pirates of Madagascar, and most recently, a biographical documentary about artist Salvador Dali.

Perry is the co-author of four New York Times bestsellers, including Evidence of the Afterlife, Closer to the Light, Transformed by the Light and Saved by the Light, which was made into a popular movie by Fox-TV.

His latest books, Glimpses of Eternity: Sharing a Loved One’s Passage from this Life to the Next, and Paranormal: My Life In Pursuit of the Afterlife, are the fourth and fifth books he has co-written with Dr. Raymond Moody, the founder of near death studies.

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David Towns

David Towns

Having grown up in a military family, David spent a few of his formative years in Japan just outside of Tokyo. He was immersed in seeing things like the majestic Mt. Fuji, Japanese women dressed in their colorful kimono gowns and wooden geta sandals, breathtaking cherry blossoms at their peak, and going on school field trips to see amazing temples and inspiring statues of Buddha.

When David’s family returned to America he remembers vividly being taken to church and listening to fire and brimstone sermons, which was a completely different message from his time in Japan. This created confusion fueled by uncertainty and skepticism. His school and education became a solace, a place to retreat. There he acquired a passion for learning and a deep unescapable hunger for the truth. This quest for knowledge has become a constant theme throughout David’s life. He went through a series of personal challenges that completely changed his planned trajectory. Instead, he began a journey of discovery involving spirituality, religion, and the meaning and purpose of life and death.

Amidst David’s spiritual journey, he met Adam. This tall, lanky kid, with his genuine kindness, made quite an impression on David. He admired Adam for his kind-heartedness and compassion. Despite their age difference, they both ironically enjoyed the same genres of music and a deep desire to seek and learn the truth. This shared quest for knowledge became a building block that solidified their enduring friendship over the past twenty years.


Adam Fulford

Adam Fulford

Born in North Carolina, Adam’s humble upbringing in the Smoky Mountains taught him to revere nature and appreciate life in all its expressions. After moving to Colorado in the nineties, and a successful decades-long career in the stone industry, Adam’s life was marred by a series of run-ins with the law, addictions, and several simultaneous life-altering losses.

In 2017, the darkness in Adam’s life consumed him entirely, culminating in a devastating criminal episode that nearly killed multiple people including himself. Consequently, within that same year, Adam was sentenced to 35 years in the Colorado prison system.

Since his incarceration, he has dedicated himself to a life of service. Whether he is helping men earn their GEDs, mentoring troubled youth, or working as an Offender Care Assistant taking care of inmates with dementia, Adam has found a new purpose in his life of concrete and steel.

His memoir The Message of the Rose was written from behind the wall and is dedicated to the two people in Adam’s life of which he is most proud – his daughters Harley and Kinslee.

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