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Proof Of Life After Life

The most important book yet, written by Dr Raymond Moody and Paul Perry, reveals evidence of the afterlife through their study of shared death experience.

Relying on more that fifty years of research, this groundbreaking book answers mankind’s most pressing question: What happens when we die?

PROOF OF LIFE AFTER LIFE is available in physical and digital editions through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your favorite bookstore. 

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What Happens When We Die?

Dr. Raymond Moody is a researcher and international bestselling author who coined the term "near death experience." In this excerpt from Paul Perry's film Afterlife, Moody discusses what he has learned in over five decades of research. 


In 1975, Dr. Raymond Moody published the book Life After Life. In it, he described the astonishing accounts of those who died and came back to life.

An agnostic and a skeptic, he continued researching phenomena associated with death, dying and grief, but after fifty years was not persuaded that an afterlife existed.

But then recently, a handful of doctors who had remarkable near death and shared death experiences offered their evidence.They gathered together with Dr. Moody to share their perspectives at the NDE Consciousness Forum. He was convinced by what he heard.

How about you?


Dr. Mary Neal


Dr. Mary Neal found herself pinned underwater after her kayak went over a waterfall. As her body was dying, she found herself experiencing the meaning of her life with great clarity and love that she brought back to her understanding of this world.

In this excerpt, Neal speaks to how science and spirituality complement each other even as many of us are taught that we must choose between them.


Dr. Eben Alexander


Dr. Eben Alexander had a near death experience while in a medically induced coma. Although scientifically trained and skeptical of such occurrences, his NDE convinced him that consciousness survives.

In this video excerpt, Dr. Alexander talks about the "world-view shattering" quality of the NDE. Neither his Methodist upbringing nor his scientific training adequately prepared him for what he discovered beyond the veil.

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Phenomena That Point To An Afterlife  

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Near Death

Hear from medical professionals, patients, and many others as they offer compelling accounts of a life beyond this one.

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Shared Death Experiences

Shared Death

Those at the bedsides of the dying report transcendental experiences before, during, and shortly after death.

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After Death Experiences

After Death

Verified accounts of after death communication and past lives are more common than you might think.

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Lisa Smartt Final Words Project

Final Words

Last words reveal a mysterious realm with "other world" communications, precognition, and sudden unexpected lucidity.

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These are the books to read. Raymond Moody, Paul Perry and Lisa Smartt are all gifted authors at the frontier of consciousness research. 

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Documentarians Paul Perry and David Hinshaw explore near death experiences and after death communication in these films. 

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Afterlife Voices

Powerfully inspiring are the many voices of those who have died and come back to life to share their compelling "journeys." Discover what they learned during their afterlife experiences. Included also are conversations with researchers who have investigated this fascinating phenomenon.

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The Consciousness Forum

This rare video series features Raymond Moody interviewing cutting-edge researchers at the frontiers of science and spirituality who convinced Moody that consciousness survives.  Enjoy compelling conversations, book excerpts, and activities for your exploration of the afterlife.                 

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 We cannot escape grief, but we can discover tools that will transform our pain and bring us new understanding and awareness.

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Introducing The Life After Life Team

Raymond Moody has been responsible for some of the most groundbreaking research in the field of consciousness studies. Lisa Smartt and Paul Perry have collaborated closely with Raymond over the years, bringing their unique gifts and perspectives to his work.

Dr. Raymond Moody  

World-renowned scholar, lecturer, and researcher, widely recognized as the leading authority on near death and shared death experiences. He is the bestselling author of many books, including Life After LifeGlimpses of EternityThe Light Beyond, and Coming Back. Dr. Moody’s work profoundly illuminates our understanding of death, dying and grief.

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Lisa Smartt, MA  

Expert book coach, bestselling author, and linguist who has written eight books spanning various subjects. Her bestseller Words at the Threshold is a look at what people's final words reveal about consciousness. Raymond and Lisa have worked together on The Final Words Project, Making Sense of Nonsense, and God is Bigger than the Bible.

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Paul Perry  

Five-time New York Times bestselling author, documentarian/film maker, and one of the leading voices in the field of consciousness studies. Paul has co-authored several books with Raymond Moody, including Glimpse of EternityThe Light BeyondComing Back, Paranormal, and Reunions.

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