After Death Experiences

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After Death Experiences:
More Common Than You Might Think

The percentage of people reporting contact with the dead in surveys ranges anywhere from 42 to 72 percent. Widows having contact with their deceased husbands can go as high as 92 percent. If the surveys had included children and deathbed encounters, which are extremely common, the percentages would have been even heftier. A whopping 75 percent of parents who lost a child had an encounter within a year of the child's death.

Julia Assante, The Last Frontier

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Mark Anthony Interview with Dr. Raymond Moody, Paul Perry, and Lisa Smartt


In this exclusive video interview Dr. Raymond Moody, best-selling author Paul Perry and Lisa Smartt speak with renowned psychic Mark Anthony about the connection between psychic abilities and NDEs, how to recognize and trust psychic experiences, his book The Afterlife Frequency, and much more.



 The Psychomanteum

A Door to the Other World


The psychomanteum is an invention of Dr. Moody's based on the Ancient Greek Oracles of the Dead that were housed underground.  People would sojourn for miles to invoke the spirits of the deceased in these cavernous rooms.

The Oracles of the Dead were filled with candles and a large vat of hot olive oil. People would look into the reflective surface. The shimmering oil would often lull visitors into a kind of trance and they would see apparitions of their loved ones staring back. 

The modern-day psychomanteum is created in a dark room, with a light source, and a reflective surface. Many people, including the late celebrity Joan Rivers, have seen apparitions in these magical chambers.

Below we offer a simple set of instructions for building your own at home.

In the months ahead, Raymond will offer The Psychomanteum CourseParticipants will learn the history, research, construction, and process of this compelling invention — a co-creation of the Ancient Greeks and a 20th-Century M.D. and philosopher.  You will be added to the mailing list for the online class when you request the PDF below. You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time.

Build Your Own Psychomanteum at Home

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Her Deceased Father Came With Poems

For Her Grieving Mother


A few weeks after his death, Lisa Smartt heard her father's voice asking her to transcribe poems from beyond the veil for her mother — his beloved, Susan, wife of 54 years. Lisa listened attentively, jotting down everything he said. The result is Veil, a collection of poems in celebration of life and love. Lisa explains, “I hesitate to say that these poems definitely came from my father, but the inspired words comforted my mother and deepened my sense that those we love never leave us...”


Spirit Writing: Inspiring!

Over the years, spiritualists and authors have used their pens to contact Spirit. Lisa Smartt and Cynna Seagrove speak with Maggie Spaulding,  Michael Sandler of InspireNation, Bob Olson of Afterlife TV, and bestselling author Janet Conner about connecting with Spirit through writing. Find out more here.


Seven Simple Steps for Spirit Writing

from Afterlife TV's Bob Olson

•  Sit down with a pen and paper, or at your computer. You can also use a crayon, marker or a piece of chalk if you want — whatever writing tool you enjoy most.

•  Write down a question that you would like answered. It can be about a relationship, your career, or health — wherever you need some guidance.

•  Some people like to begin with a prayer of intent and protection. Pray to your Source or spirit guides that only “advanced, higher-energy beings who are in the light and love of God” come through in your Spirit Writing.

•  Relax and/or meditate for ten or fifteen minutes. Listen to a meditation CD or audiotape, if you have one. What I like about using music to relax is that I use the same music all the time, so my mind knows that I’m going to be Spirit Writing the second I turn it on, which immediately sends me into the right state of mind. If you listen to your music with headphones, it also helps to block out distractions.

•  When you are ready, ask your question. You can read it out loud or silently to yourself.

•  Now begin typing the very first thoughts that come into your mind. Do not hesitate. Do not judge or consciously think about what answer you are getting. Just try to write or type as fast as you can to record the answer. And don’t worry about typing mistakes, misspellings or any errors; just keep writing. Also, it doesn’t matter if you do this with your eyes open or closed. That’s a personal preference. Try it both ways and see what you prefer. And, finally, don’t expect it to be someone else’s voice in your head. The thoughts are “inspired” by spirit, not spoken in the spirit’s voice.

•  If you are having trouble when you try Spirit Writing for the first time, just make up an answer. Write what you think a higher being might say to you if they were giving you advice on your question. You might be surprised to recognize that what you are making up is actually inspired guidance

excerpted from Bob Olson's blog 

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