Near Death Experiences

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Near Death Experiences

Raymond Moody was just a young medical student when he first heard the accounts of patients who died and were then resuscitated. He was intrigued by the descriptions he heard of a beautiful realm where patients were welcomed by deceased loved ones and "beings of light." Moody listened carefully, making note of everything his patients told him.

He soon had a notebook full of patients' recollections that he called "near death experiences" (NDEs).  Patients described leaving their bodies, ;being able to see from a vantage point above and then traveling down a tunnel or a canyon, joined by loving guides. They described a life review process, where they re-lived events from the point of view of others, feeling both the pain and joy they brought.

Some patients' NDEs had all of these touch points, others only a few, but the majority described their NDE as being "ineffable, filled with love, comfort and awe that could never be fully captured in words. 

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Death Is A Gateway – Not An End

Drs. Jeffrey Long and Raymond Moody are medical doctors whose careful and lifelong research about near death experiences has persuaded them of the existence of a benevolent afterlife. There is no need to fear death, Moody and Long tell us, in this short excerpt from Paul Perry's film Afterlife.


Are NDEs Real?

Drs. Melvin Morse and Jeffrey Long explain the science of the near death experience. 


Four Remarkable NDES

from Afterlife, a documentary
by Paul Perry.


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The ABCs of NDEs

with Dr. Raymond Moody and Lisa Smartt answering your questions about near death experiences.


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Hear from near death experiencers in their own words about what they saw, what they learned, and what it means to bring the wisdom of the afterlife back to the here and now.

Gain wisdom, glean insight, and learn profound lessons to apply to your own  life and the challenges, lessons, and beauty it offers.


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