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Shared Death Experience 

Raymond Moody coined this term with Paul Perry in their book Glimpses of Eternity. The identification of this phenomenon  convinced Raymond that an afterlife existed after almost five decades of extensive research. In the video below Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll and trauma patient Jeff Olsen discuss the shared death experience that convinced Raymond Moody that, indeed, consciousness survives death.


The SDE That 
Changed His Mind


At The Forefront Of Research

In his book, Glimpses of Eternity(2010), Raymond Moody coins the term "shared death experience."

A new book by William Peters, At Heaven's Door(2021), builds upon Raymond's foundational work. Lisa Smartt's Words at the Threshold (2017) investigates people's final words, offering insight into the language of the dying and opening the way for more transpersonal experiences at the end of life. Together, they are changing the conversation about death, dying, and consciousness.

A Glimpse Beyond The Threshold

Questions & Answers About Shared Death Experiences

with Raymond Moody, William Peters, and Lisa Smartt.

 Raymond Moody & William Peters moderated by Lisa Smartt

 A Glimpse Beyond the Threshold 

An Online Course About Shared Death Experiences


 Raymond Moody & William Peters

moderated by Lisa Smartt


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This 6-part, self-study course will introduce you to shared death experiences (SDEs). You will learn the importance of SDEs and what they mean for us all.  As a bonus feature, you will have exclusive access to two of the world’s leading experts on SDEs in a 3-part recorded Q&A series. Commence anytime.

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