The Phenomena

 Experiences that touch the threshold of life and death.

You are invited to see beyond the veil
of ordinary experiences.

Discover what we have learned over fifty years of researching death, dying, grief and the afterlife. You will find comfort and wonder in the worlds that exist beyond this one. And you will see that the evidence exists as science now embraces these extraordinary phenomena as real parts of the human experience.

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Near Death Experiences

Raymond Moody was just a young medical student when he first heard the accounts of patients who died and were then resuscitated. He was intrigued by the descriptions he heard of a beautiful realm where patients were welcomed by deceased loved ones and "beings of light." Moody listened carefully, making note of everything his patients told him.

He soon had a notebook full of patients' recollections that he called "near death experiences" (NDEs). Patients described leaving their bodies, being able to see from a vantage point  above and then traveling down a tunnel or a canyon, joined by loving guides. They described a life review process, where they re-lived events from the point of view of others, feeling both the pain and joy they brought.

 Some patients' NDEs had all of these touch points, others only a few, but the majority described their NDE as being "ineffable," filled with love, comfort and awe that could never be fully captured in words.

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Shared Death Experiences

Raymond Moody coined this term with Paul Perry in their book Glimpses of Eternity. The identification of this phenomenon convinced Raymond that an afterlife existed after almost five decades of extensive research. Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll and trauma patient Jeff Olsen are an example of the shared death experience that convinced Raymond Moody that, indeed, consciousness survives death.

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After Death Experiences:
More Common Than You Might Think

"The percentage of people reporting contact with the dead in surveys ranges anywhere from 42 to 72 percent. Widows having contact with their deceased husbands can go as high as 92 percent. If the surveys had included children and deathbed encounters, which are extremely common, the percentages would have been even heftier. A whopping 75 percent of parents who lost a child had an encounter within a year of the child's death." 

Julia Assante
The Last Frontier

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Raymond Moody Grief Recovery

Grief sets us adrift...

into a swirl of intense emotions. This can lead us to feeling isolated, as if we are cast out to sea alone.

Grief demands that we connect deeply with our inner Self, our faith, our spirituality. 

Sometimes, when we are submerged in the depths, we discover unexpected pearls, shimmering glimpses of Spirit and wisdom.

With time, things do get easier, and for some, grief leads to an expanding spiritual awareness as they seek answers to the greatest questions we face as human beings about the meaning of life and the possibility of an afterlife.

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A Brief Guide To Grief

 A Narrated Slideshow Presentation
by Dr. Richard Moody

In addition to the five stages of grief described by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Dr. Moody reveals how we might also face a variety of unexpected emotions, ranging from anxiety, to guilt, to bewilderment. He assures us that we will learn to live with the never-ending feeling of grief, and in the process deepen our appreciation and understanding of ourselves and others.


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When her father became terminally ill with cancer...

Lisa Smartt began transcribing his conversations and noticed that his personality underwent inexplicable changes. Once a skeptical man with a secular worldview, he developed a deeply spiritual outlook in his final days — a change that was reflected in his language. Baffled, intrigued, and compelled by her linguistics training, Smartt grabbed pencil and paper and tracked his final words.

And so began the Final Words Project.

Learn What Last Words Reveal About Life, Death, And Consciousness