Dr. Raymond Moody On Suicide, Flower Sunrise

On Suicide

A Narrated Slideshow and Companion PDF Guide

Suicide is one of the most
difficult losses we can face.

We want answers and wish
we could have done more.

Acceptance and understanding are part of the path towards wholeness.

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There are few losses as powerful and painful as losing a loved one to suicide.

Whether we have lost someone close to our heart to suicide, had a friend or family member attempt suicide, or struggled with thoughts of suicide ourselves, many of us know something of the pain and uncertainty that surrounds this traumatic topic.

In On Suicide, Dr. Moody shares what he has learned over the course of his long career from those that have attempted suicide and had near death experiences, those who receive communication from departed loved ones that were lost to suicide and those left behind.

Dr. Moody takes you through his personal experiences with loss, his insights into the causes (and afterlife outcomes) of suicide, the unique challenges of grief that suicide brings, and how our society can better respond to mental health needs.

This guide and slideshow will give you the tools to…

  • Communicate with those who have lost a loved one to suicide.
  • Understand that punishment is not the destination of souls who have taken their lives.
  • Know more of the reasons and causes of suicide, how to reach out to those in need, and how to accept the limitations of what we can offer to those in crisis. 

Suicide is a devastating phenomena to everyone touched by it, but like all of our struggles, it can contain within it the possibility of growth, learning and ultimately finding peace.

Dr. Raymond Moody On Suicide, Flower

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Bonus Content - Recorded Webinar with Dr. Raymond Moody

Access a one-hour long recorded interview where Dr. Moody discusses his personal and professional insights and reflections about suicide.

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