We cannot escape grief, but we can discover tools that will transform our pain and bring us new understanding and awareness.

Brief Guide To Grief, Foggy Meadow

A Brief Guide To Grief

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Grief is an inevitable part of life. Where there is love, there is the potential for loss.  Where there is joy, there is also impermanence.

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In Brief Guide to Grief, Dr. Moody shares what he has learned in 50 years of researching, interviewing, writing and lecturing on the subject of what lies beyond this life and what happens to those left behind.

In addition to the five stages of grief described by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Dr. Moody reveals how we might also face a variety of unexpected emotions, ranging from anxiety, to guilt, to bewilderment. Dr. Moody assures us that we will learn to live with the never-ending feeling of grief, and in the process deepen our appreciation and understanding of ourselves and others.  

Grief offers a possibility for deep spiritual and personal transformation, and Brief Guide to Grief provides the insights that can lead to new breakthroughs.


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ON SUICIDE with Dr. Raymond Moody

When you purchase A Brief Guide to Grief, you will also receive a one-hour recorded webinar in which Dr. Moody discusses his personal and professional insights about suicide. Discover the fascinating perspectives of those who attempted suicide but had a near death experiences. How did their NDE transform them when they returned to the life they had hoped to escape?

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