Documentaries on the subject of
near death experiences and life after death.

David Hinshaw and Paul Perry have worked closely with Raymond Moody over the years
to bring you the best in videos about consciousness research.

The Light Beyond: A Talkumentary with Raymond Moody, MD, on Life, Death, and the Pursuit of the Afterlife

In this compelling film, Moody talks about proof that we survive bodily death, his unique concept of God, and controversial research he has conducted into contacting the dead, even astounding proof that we can share another’s near death experience.

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Afterlife explores the question, What happens when we die? A revealing documentary that stars noted researchers Raymond Moody, MD, PhD; and Jeffrey Long, MD, and features emotionally charged interviews with people who have crossed the threshold of death and returned to tell their story.

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Seeing The Unseen

The History of Using Clear-Depth Gazing for After-Death Communication

After traveling to the Oracle of the Dead in Greece, Dr. Raymond Moody built his own psychomanteum to continue studying the effects of using this technique to experience contact with departed loved ones. What he discovered will forever change how we process death.

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The Near Death Experience:
Through The Tunnel & Beyond

Featuring best-selling author, Raymond Moody, MD, Ph.D. Called the father of the "near death experience," Raymond Moody teaches the technique for visionary encounters with deceased loved ones. A superb feature-length documentary shot around the world at sacred sights, among them Epyhyra, Greece, where Homer described as the Oracle of the Dead. After studying the rituals performed there and throughout the ages,  Dr. Moody replicated the conditions in his own studio.

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