Group Writing Classes

with Lisa Smartt and Paul Perry

Write Your Book Proposal

In only twelve weeks, write a book proposal that you can submit to agents and publishers.


In this 90-Day Course:


• benefit from 12 online modules organized by topic packed with resources, information, and examples giving you a clear and easy-to-follow road map to completing your book proposal. 

• enjoy weekly 90-minute Zoom sessions with Paul Perry and Lisa Smartt, featuring group practice, feedback, Q & A, break out activities, and more.

• learn the tools to better edit and revise your material and offer quality peer feedback to others.

• discover enjoyable ways to build your platform and make yourself more attractive to agents and publishers.

• gain tools and tips to write more easily and with greater satisfaction.

• create powerful organizational tools and routines that will lead to more meaningful and productive writing.

• find inspiration in guided meditations that increase access to your “muse.”

• master the fundamentals of effective nonfiction writing with guidance from two bestselling authors. 


Isn't it time (at last!) to transform your great idea into a great book?


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You can realize your dream! 

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You have lived a remarkable life. There is none other just like it. 

Please don't keep it a secret. Consider the opportunity to leave your mark in a way that will always be remembered — write a memoir for your loved ones and get it published!


Sometimes we are shy about sharing all the details of our lives — especially with those closest to us. 

However, our story is our signature, intimately connected to us — not always comprehensible but definitely unique.

Writing your memoir offers you a chance to reflect upon your life, recapturing the best moments, and making better sense of the difficult ones. It also gives you a chance to share lessons hard earned and joys savored for those who will follow in your footsteps.

Leave your mark in a way that will always be remembered.

Paul and Lisa will guide you through the process of writing your memoir in this 90-day experience of tears and laughter.

Our team will design and publish your book on Amazon so that you can walk away with a keepsake for life that family members, friends, and acquaintances can purchase online.

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