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When Loved Ones Die (DVD)
a guide for the grief stricken
Raymond A. Moody

Description: Spend an hour with Raymond Moody as he discusses the focus of his life’s work. From the comfort of his living room Dr. Moody relates stories, observations and insight into this subject which all too many of us face alone. This DVD is chaptered and indexed for easy viewing.

Topics discussed include:

Grief and its origins,What is Grief,
How We Grieve
Acute and Chronic Grief
Anniversary Reaction
Contact with Deceased
Denial, Anger, Guilt and Acceptance
Empathetic Death Experience
Forgetting the Loss
Life After Life
Near Death Experience
Searching, Signs
Taking of Characteristics of Departed

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Life After Life (DVD)
Raymond A. Moody
Description: Do near-death experiences represent an authentic encounter with a world beyond? Best-selling author Raymond Moody explores the nature and significance of these profound experiences for those whose lives brush against death. 57 mins. DVD only.
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Through The Tunnel And Beyond(DVD)
Raymond A. Moody
Description: A superb documentary shot around the world at sacred sights, among them Epyhyra, Greece where Dr. Moody visits the Oracle of the Dead. After studying the rituals performed there throughout the ages, Moody replicates the conditions in his own studio. People who have had visitations with departed loved ones tell their stories in intimate detail. 57minutes. DVD only.
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